Got More Spoilers for Teen Wolf Season 3!

Check this out, MORE SPOILERS FOR THE TEEN WOLF FANS; some of you might already about this but hey common there’s a saying that “its better be late than never”. Some of these spoilers may or may not mention by Jeff Davis on the official Tumblr of Teen Wolf, you may also check it out yourself and anyway this is also for the fans who’ve been outdated, so check it out ladies. By the way my fellow fans you can watch Teen Wolf Season 3 online here on with your other favorite shows too.

  • Jackson and his Blue Eyes

-Jackson’s blue eyes don’t have anything to do with his real parents, his DNA, or him being an omega (this may or may not be touched anymore since Colton Haynes leaves TW).  Jeff Davis has said that the eye colors of the werewolf’s were very important and that it has more to do with what lightsaber color had to with their owners in Star Wars.

-The reason of Jackson coming from the water in the beginning of Season 2 will also be revealed in Season 3 (with the possibility to be change).

  • Isaac Lahey

-Isaac will be the reason of some issues between Scott and Stiles friendship; Jeff Davis calls it a Bromance Triangle. After Isaac’s father died, he became an orphan. Now on Season 3, Where Isaac lives and who his guardian will be answered in the first episode.

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