Got More Spoilers for Teen Wolf Season 3!

Check this out, MORE SPOILERS FOR THE TEEN WOLF FANS; some of you might already about this but hey common there’s a saying that “its better be late than never”. Some of these spoilers may or may not mention by Jeff Davis on the official Tumblr of Teen Wolf, you may also check it out yourself and anyway this is also for the fans who’ve been outdated, so check it out ladies. By the way my fellow fans you can watch Teen Wolf Season 3 online here on with your other favorite shows too.

  • Jackson and his Blue Eyes

-Jackson’s blue eyes don’t have anything to do with his real parents, his DNA, or him being an omega (this may or may not be touched anymore since Colton Haynes leaves TW).  Jeff Davis has said that the eye colors of the werewolf’s were very important and that it has more to do with what lightsaber color had to with their owners in Star Wars.

-The reason of Jackson coming from the water in the beginning of Season 2 will also be revealed in Season 3 (with the possibility to be change).

  • Isaac Lahey

-Isaac will be the reason of some issues between Scott and Stiles friendship; Jeff Davis calls it a Bromance Triangle. After Isaac’s father died, he became an orphan. Now on Season 3, Where Isaac lives and who his guardian will be answered in the first episode.

  • Scott McCall

-Scott’s got a new goal this season and that is to become “to become a better friend, a better son, a better werewolf and better in everything”.

-Scott will be reprioritizing, he is “doing great in school and really trying to care of his self. He wants to feel good about himself”.

-His relationship with Allison will be still broken up yet they will be thrust together and now “both heavily involved in the supernatural side of town, they will push together a lot”.

-Dylan O’Brien has written a scene between Scott and Stiles that will take place in a motel room.

  • Alphas and New Characters 

-The Alpha packs are now in town because of the Kanima, and there were hints about exactly why in Season 2 (it is possibly something to do with Kanima Mythodology).

– “They’re been lurking but in the shadows. No one knows about them. They’ve been hiding”.

-The Alphas weren’t the only villains this next season. “There will be a new central mystery.” Whether it’s human or supernatural is not yet known.

-The Fives members of the Alphas are Deucalion the leader of the pack, Aiden and Ethan the Alpha twins who is described as to be charming yet dangerous, Kali the only girl among them; she is described to be “ruthless and sexy”.

And the last member is Ennis (rumored to be played by Brian Patrick Wade).

-The twin are High School student like Scott and the others teens in Beacon Hill HS, while Ennis will pose as an orderly at the hospital. The Pack penetrates the school and hospital to get closer to those in Beacon Hills.

Cora also a new character yet not a member of pack, she’s described as “a beautiful raven-haired, mysterious woman with a secret tie to werewolves” and has been seen behind the scenes to be dressed up in wolf make-up. We’ll meet her in Episode 2.

-Sloane Avery was also cast and play the character named Ashley, and apparently finished filming for the first episode. Nothing else is known for her character.

Meagan Tandy, Caitlin Custer, and Zelda Williams have also been cast, but their character names/roles have not been revealed. Meagan may be the mysterious girl as she has been scene filming at the school with a weapon. Custer may be Heather, as she has been scene filming with Dylan O’Brien.

-Jesy McKinney is also known to be filming, but nothing is known about his character either, other than that he has a very familiar house key around his neck.

-Ms. Blake is a new English teacher at BHHS who gets “she was caught in the middle of the werewolves’ world”.

-Heather is a “long-time friend of Stiles, who will be celebrating her 17th birthday.”

-“A beautiful but mysterious girl, is hell-bent on rescuing Isaac after he’s attacked by werewolves. Badly injured along the way, she has been sent to be Isaac’s protector, and she’s willing to lose her life if need be”. This is the character Megan Tandy is theorized to be playing.

-A ‘nerd or geek girl character’ will be added, “But possibly not until the second half of Season 3.”

-The following are casting calls made for Teen Wolf, some specifically for certain characters, some for minor characters. Some contains really specific and revealing spoilers.

To get more Spoilers you may visit to have the full details of spoilers that you would like to know, keep updated everything about Teen Wolf. You may also watch Teen Wolf Season 3 here on with the complete episode of the show from the previous and enjoy it with no hustle.


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