Teen Wolf Season 3 Casting and Spoilers!

tumblr_mdq96rBy4w1rif7h9o1_1280Hey, my fellows Teen Wolf Fans, here are just some spoilers that I just want to share with you guys, well, some of you’re probably already heard about this but still I’m going to share it anyway. So here it goes, It has been months that we haven’t watch Teen Wolf since the great season 2 finale.

Well, as we’ve all heard that Producers are casting for more mysterious and interesting characters that would continue to descend in Beacon Hills. Recently, we’ve been informed that they are currently casting the recurring Cora, a tough 17-year-old who has been on her own longer than any kid should. She’s got some secret ties to the Beacon Hills werewolves. (And who doesn’t?), but anyway if you want to watch Teen Wolf online previous episodes you may visit niceseries.com.

So here’s what I didn’t know, that Stiles has a friend named Heather whom we almost meet who is celebrating her birthday. It’s not a huge role, so she’s probably not a significant love interest, but it does beg the question — who knew Stiles had other friends? Oh… just got so curious already? Are we going see Heather on Season 3? I hope so…

And how about, the new Tattoo of Tyler Posey which could have a big factor on this upcoming 1st episode of Season 3, called “Tattoo”. As the Executive Producer Jeff Davis says that “The two bands on his arm have a major significance in the first episode, even providing the thematic foundation for the story. Part of the tattoo, the musical note, will still have to be covered up, however”.

Oh my gosh, I just can’t wait to watch Teen Wolf Season 3 online this coming summer… Errr…! Ah, FYI, you may see it here in niceseries.com to view the full episode with no commercial break and etc. and it’s all for free. Jeez! Can’t wait!


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