Tyler Posey & Holland Roden Just Got a Real Wolf Kiss


Tyler Posey And Holland Roden Got Kisses from Real Life Wolfs

Together with his co-star Tyler Posey and Holland Roden get to visit the animal rescue called Wolf Connection in Acton, Calif. The 21-year old Teen Wolf star called the experience a “little spooky, a little spiritual, and very cool” as they talked with some of the volunteers. 

The animal rescue facility also acts as a youth education and empowerment program, and Great Gatsby actor Callan McAuliffe serves as the celeb ambassador. They both get to experience a one on one with the real life wolf dogs whereas they also both get kisses from the dogs.

So, get to watch Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 online that will be aired soon here, so stay tuned here to get updated of the latest and hottest spoilers for Teen Wolf and you may also visit telepisodes.net to watch the previous episodes of the show.


2 responses to “Tyler Posey & Holland Roden Just Got a Real Wolf Kiss

  1. Tyler Posey and Holland Roden make a great couple.And Kira and Stiles could too.I’m your biggest fan and have all 3 seasons of TeenWolf.I am 11 years old and wish to get your numbers.You are great actors and are good at what you do.Crystal Reed is also the best.Make a new S4 Teenwolf and I will be watching it.Love everyone on set and all the best.Tyler you look hot.Holland you look gorgeous .

  2. I am in South Africa and live in the Western Cape in Piketberg.Please write back.I want to tell my brother who showed me Teenwolf.Love the pictures of the wolf kiss.Comment me together Holland and Tyler.Love you guys.

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