Teen Wolf Spoiler: A Pack of Alpha’s are now in Beacon Hills

You might already know this, a new pack of Alpha’s are now in Beacon Hills. Fromteen wolf 1 the previous episode of Season 2, we’ve seen Boyd and Erica escapes from the Argent’s house but they then suddenly encounters the pack werewolf’s. But just want to refresh your memories if ever you didn’t notice. What could have happen to them? Have you ever wondered? Get to watch Teen Wolf online for free here on telepisodes.net where you may also to view all other series that you love.

Anyway, we all knew that Colton Haynes a.k.a. Jackson won’t be coming back to Teen Wolf anymore since he have joined the cast of Arrow on The CW. But the good news is that there will new faces in town of Beacon Hills; Where everything might gets more complicated and difficult for Scott to handle, Like I’ve said Boyd and Erica encounter new pack of werewolf that maybe a threat to the people of Beacon Hills, but we’ll never know ‘coz they might also be a good. Last Resort’s Gideon Emery will be taking on the previously announced new wolf pack leader, Deucalion! Who were describes to try and turn Derek and Scott against each other, while tearing Beacon Hills apart.

Of course, let’s not forget the new girls in town, Felisha Terrell will play the first female Alphas the cruel Kali, and Adelaide Kane plays the role of Cora, a mysterious young woman burdened by a life on her own. We’ll also rapidly learn how she and Beacon Hills share quite some history.

Aren’t you excited for this upcoming Season? It’s pretty interesting right? So don’t waste your time doing nothing and get your calendar and mark the airing dates of the show which will be updated soon here. If you would to watch Teen Wolf online you may visit telepisodes.net to view all of your favorite shows.


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