Teen Wolf: Season 4 Premiere Date Revealed in Creepy New Prom with Stiles and Lydia

Teen-Wolf-Mason-Dye-Khylin-RhamboIt is not OVER yet!

Are you already biting your nails over Teen Wolf Season Three’s finale episode…? Geez… me too..! But don’t worry, Season 4 will be just 27 days away, so you don’t need to be anxious about it… So, just relax and let’s for it together.

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Got More Spoilers for Teen Wolf Season 3!

Check this out, MORE SPOILERS FOR THE TEEN WOLF FANS; some of you might already about this but hey common there’s a saying that “its better be late than never”. Some of these spoilers may or may not mention by Jeff Davis on the official Tumblr of Teen Wolf, you may also check it out yourself and anyway this is also for the fans who’ve been outdated, so check it out ladies. By the way my fellow fans you can watch Teen Wolf Season 3 online here on niceseries.com with your other favorite shows too.

  • Jackson and his Blue Eyes

-Jackson’s blue eyes don’t have anything to do with his real parents, his DNA, or him being an omega (this may or may not be touched anymore since Colton Haynes leaves TW).  Jeff Davis has said that the eye colors of the werewolf’s were very important and that it has more to do with what lightsaber color had to with their owners in Star Wars.

-The reason of Jackson coming from the water in the beginning of Season 2 will also be revealed in Season 3 (with the possibility to be change).

  • Isaac Lahey

-Isaac will be the reason of some issues between Scott and Stiles friendship; Jeff Davis calls it a Bromance Triangle. After Isaac’s father died, he became an orphan. Now on Season 3, Where Isaac lives and who his guardian will be answered in the first episode.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Casting and Spoilers!

tumblr_mdq96rBy4w1rif7h9o1_1280Hey, my fellows Teen Wolf Fans, here are just some spoilers that I just want to share with you guys, well, some of you’re probably already heard about this but still I’m going to share it anyway. So here it goes, It has been months that we haven’t watch Teen Wolf since the great season 2 finale.

Well, as we’ve all heard that Producers are casting for more mysterious and interesting characters that would continue to descend in Beacon Hills. Recently, we’ve been informed that they are currently casting the recurring Cora, a tough 17-year-old who has been on her own longer than any kid should. She’s got some secret ties to the Beacon Hills werewolves. (And who doesn’t?), but anyway if you want to watch Teen Wolf online previous episodes you may visit niceseries.com. Continue reading

Tyler Posey & Holland Roden Just Got a Real Wolf Kiss


Tyler Posey And Holland Roden Got Kisses from Real Life Wolfs

Together with his co-star Tyler Posey and Holland Roden get to visit the animal rescue called Wolf Connection in Acton, Calif. The 21-year old Teen Wolf star called the experience a “little spooky, a little spiritual, and very cool” as they talked with some of the volunteers.  Continue reading

Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers Alert! Complete Wolf Transformation BTS Photo

As the Teen Wolf continues to film the third season of the show for 2013, here is another behind the scenes photograph has emerged.

Here is the photo of Crystal Reed, Tyler Posey and Holland Roden playing with a real life, wolf. But what is the real wolf for? Is there going to be a total transformation of human to wolf ? Check out the photo here below!

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Teen Wolf Spoilers: Is Isaac Losing his Memory?

174233079304538359_Sq2HHBbT_cHey howler fans, remember Isaac (Daniel Sharman) as much as I do, well, here some news you might not want to hear: Isaac’s in on the brink of death in the first scene of the 3rd season. MTV posted the first page of the page of the scrip today, revealing a horrific scene between Isaac and the mysterious new girl (which I believe that it’s Cora, one of the new cast) who saves his life – using jumper cables. So, if ever you missed one episode from Season you can watch Teen Wolf online here on Telepisodes.net where you view all episodes from Season 1. Continue reading